Mike and The Mixers

Jay Miley

The MiXeRs bassist and vocalist Jay Miley, raised here in the South Carolina low-country, has long been well known in the music business in Charleston, both as a singer/guitarist and as a recording engineer. Jay brought with him a few very strong qualities when he joined the MiXeRs in early 2006. Both the energy level and sound reinforcement qualities of the group were seriously raised when he came aboard. In addition to his work with the MiXeRs, Jay has been the owner of Charleston Recording Studios since 1996 and has been involved in hundreds of recording projects and demo productions. While guitar is his primary instrument, Jay also plays bass, mandolin, and percussion. He was picked as "Artist to Watch" by the Charleston City Paper in 2005 for his CD release "Last Man Standing." Jay has opened for several nationally famous acts, including Mick Fleetwood and Atlanta Rhythm Section. His versatility keeps him extremely busy, not only as bassist and vocalist for The MiXeRs, but also as a solo artist, session player, and engineer.

Wayne Daws

Originally from Mt. Vernon, Indiana and educated at the University of Southern Indiana, Wayne Daws is a long time veteran (over 20 years) of clubs, road shows, and theatre production. Before joining “The Mixers” Wayne was staff guitarist at Low Country Legends Music Hall, and performed in numerous productions, including “Rock and Roll Heaven” and Spoleto 1999’s “Soul of the 60’s.” Wayne joined “The Mixers” in 1998 and his fiery lead guitar chops immediately brought a welcome energy and enthusiasm to the group. In addition to playing guitar in the group Wayne sings both lead and backup vocals.

Mike McSwain

Mike McSwain began playing drums after graduation from the University of South Carolina in 1981 and within five years was playing with some of Charleston’s finest musicians, including Duke Roberts, Ernie Seel, and Mike Gennaro. He originated the “Mixers” in 1994 as a response to increased demand for a band that could play jazz and background tunes, but also play beach music and rock and roll. Mike works hard at keeping a “nine to five” schedule in the office during the week, and attributes a large part of his business success to having worked for two of America’s most successful companies, Thomas J. Lipton and Merrill Lynch. He currently balances his busy work schedule by spending time rock climbing, cycling and bass fishing. He also teaches privately and continues to study drumming with his mentor Jim Hall (USC professor and N.Texas State grad).

Paul Lauda

Paul began studying music at age nine, and in 1966 received a Level Seven Certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. He went on top join the US Navy, graduating from the Armed Forces School of Music in 1967. He then served four years with the Navy, dividing his service between two Vietnam cruises and duty in San Francisco. During the early 70’s, Paul toured with “The Day Trippers,” but also performed with “The Flamingos” and “The Shirelles” in addition to performing as a backing musician at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood. From 1973 until 1993 Paul served again in the Navy, graduating from it’s highest training course, the Navy Advanced Course of Music. His career included tours in southeast Asia, Africa and South America. During his Navy Career Paul earned Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Music and Business Administration. His last assignment was in Charleston, where in 1993 he retired as a Senior Chief Musician. Since then he has devoted his time to performing with “The Mixers” and to private instruction. His advanced theory and improvisational skills along with years of experience make Paul an extremely solid foundation for “The Mixers.”