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The Mixers play only private events, most of which are wedding receptions and corporate events, but the band also plays anniversary parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, and reunions.

Reception Events Information:

Expected arrival time of first guests:
We typically play standard jazz background tunes until the bride and groom arrive. This gives guests a chance to talk without raising their voices and it starts the party off with elegance.

Expected arrival time of bride and groom:
We encourage the bride and groom to do their first dance shortly after they arrive; this lets us get the party going. We typically move right into dance music after the first dance. The key questions here are:
- Do you go right into your first dance when you arrive, or do you wait awhile, maybe having a drink or saying hello to some of your guests first?
- Do we announce the wedding party or just the bride and groom? If you choose to announce the entire wedding party, we suggest you enter as the last couple and go right into your first dance.

Special requests for first dance and for father's dance:
Since most couples have a song that holds special meaning, we will do our best to play whatever you choose for the first dance. Do not, however, feel pressured to choose a song if you don’t have one in mind. We have dozens of songs that will work and I’m happy to make suggestions. Also, don’t feel bad if you’re not particularly good dancers. No one will judge you for a lack of dancing skill on your wedding day. As for the father’s dance, you can either pick a separate song to be played immediately after the first dance, or the father can “cut-in” after a verse or so of the first dance.

Wedding cake:
Sooner is usually better than later for this. We suggest cutting it right after the first dance, or, when we take a break. Remember to give us a few minutes notice on the cake-cutting so we can be sure the food staff has champagne ready. Also, if you know that someone (best man, father of bride, etc.) is planning to make a toast during the evening, you might tell them that immediately following the cake-cutting is an ideal time.

Bouquet toss and garter:

Increasingly brides and grooms are skipping the garter and just doing the bouquet toss. We suggest doing this later in the evening when the party is in full swing. We’ll ask the single ladies to come up front and the photographer will suggest positioning. We’ll count it off and make it very easy for you.

Do you have a planned departure time? Let us know if you would like an announcement at this time.